We close the circle on siloed professional services and deliver wholistic legal advice and strategy.

What we do.

We manage risk and leverage opportunity through the prism of law, drawing on expertise across a broad array of verticals and connection into communities of knowledge that traditionally stand side by side; proximate to one another but always apart. We close the circle on siloed professional services and deliver wholistic legal advice and strategy.

Manage Complexity

Complex problems require the coordination of specialist legal expertise. We develop and coordinate legal advice for complex problems that are anchored in holistic strategy. Assembling legal and professional service talent for a labyrinth of solutions.


We work with clients to identify opportunities that lie out of reach without legal expertise. We do this by combining legal expertise, deep research and client knowledge to develop strategy and drive innovation inside agile companies.


We give your commercial legal work and complex matters the focus they deserve. Our advice is opportunity-oriented, delivered intelligently and provided by seasoned practitioners. We provide focused advice in all matters of commercial law, M&A, labor, tax, technology and digital law. We specialize in the coordination of legal services across jurisdictions and coordination of advice across specialist legal areas, especially where financial services, digital law, tax and technology converge.

Virtual General Counsel

We have been fortunate to scale with our clients through some significant growth trajectories, some over a decade. One of the key things we’ve learned through experience is that legal needs change over time. If your business is not at the stage where you need a full time GC, we can step in to fill that management gap as required. We specialize in fractional (part time) general counsel (GC) appointments, and provide talent deployed virtually or in person for projects > 6 months. We deploy into your organization in flexible, technology-enabled ways. We have the skills, expertise and experience to integrate seamlessly into your current business structure, derisking, overseeing compliance and spotting opportunity with the finesse earned from deep knowledge of your operations, aspirations and risk appetite.


We are an entrepreneurial mesh of curious and clever legal and non-legal minds that hail from top tier law firms, professional service firms and in-house appointments across an array of industry verticals. We are specialist, commercially minded legal and professional services talent and we:

  2. We work to identify and cultivate talent within our fold. All our team work collaboratively to build intellectual capital with our preferred partners.

  3. Receive recruitment mandates for specialist legal / reg / legal ops roles in-house and in private practice. Our clients come to us for permanent or contract senior appointments of legal talent with coalface experience in crypto, de-fi and blockchain enabled technology.